Boston Marathon Memories and Reflections April 21 2015

Ask any runner, from the ones who yet to cross the finish line of their first 5k, to those with thousands of miles on their legs and they'll all probably share a million feelings about the Boston Marathon. Fear, bucket list, celebration, all come to mind. And, after the unthinkable events of those a$$holes and how they tried to steal the race from us two years ago, you can probably double that to two million feelings.

I absolutely have my own. Way before I ran it. Way before I even had an inkling of a desire to run it. It was a day-off to celebrate with great friends. We would always go to the Red Sox game and and then cheer on the athletes that I never thought I would join. I thought what I was doing on that day was perfect, and the marathon provided a great reason for the day (a backdrop or soundtrack, I guess).

Then I started learning about The Hoyts, the Duel in the Sun, Joanie, and so much more. Then I ran The Chicago Marathon a couple times and found the opportunity to run Boston in 2006. Thank goodness. Coincidentally, my then wife-to-be also happened to be training for Boston. Talk about an instant connection and endless conversation topic. We didn't talk much during the race. She chicked me right around mile two and was gone. It's ok. I was cool with that. She was waiting for me at the finish line (talk about a keeper). Without Boston, who knows how different things could be for me and for 1BandID. That's a big reason this race is so important to me.

Fast forward to this year. Strangely enough, this was the first year I ever made it to the course to see the elites. Unfortunately, that was just about all we saw in person before we had to get the kids to a warmer and drier environment. I was sad to miss the opportunity to properly cheer on many long time friends, and friends I have because of 1BandID. 

However, I got to enjoy the rest of day with my family. We did a lot of virtual cheering while watching it on TV, but I was really so engrossed with getting to spend the day with my family that the coverage mostly provided the perfect soundtrack to the day. In many ways, it kind of reminded me of my first experiences with the race. Respect and admiration, but on the sidelines.

I know I'll be off the sidelines and back on that course some day. And, when I do, I hope Meb is there to help me across the finish line. Love this guy and this perfect moment captured by the Boston Globe!

Last but certainly not least. Congrats to all of the athletes. Having raced in similar conditions, I can only hope the adrenaline, emotions, and crowd kept  you warm and mentally dry.