Keep Moving Forward. Stay in #SharkMode | 1BandID May 21 2015

#sharkmode on 1BandID ID for Runners
I find sharks are insanely fascinating. Apparently, everyone else does these days. Sharks have their own show: Shark Tank. Their own movies: the good, Jaws and the awesomely bad, Sharkado 1, 2, and 3. Their whole week: Shark Week. The list goes on. Like the world-famous face of Hansell, Sharks are so hot right now! 

One of the most important shark facts is that they have to keep moving forward to stay alive. Think about that. Think about how important it is to keep moving forward. For a shark it literally means life or death.

And, I can’t think of better advice for a new or veteran, old or young runner, triathlete, cyclist, crossfitter, or any athlete. Hell, anyone for that matter. Go #SharkMode. Keep going forward.

For you and me, it might not mean the difference between living or dying. But it might make the difference of our dream or goal living or dying. Whatever that dream is…to start a couch to 5k plan, run a marathon, or finish an Ironman. It's a mentality that you have to adopt and it can be the difference between being a better swimmer, a faster runner, or getting stronger in order to make that final push to the finish line.

For sharks, it’s about life or death. It should almost feel that same way for us. That we need to keep learning, keep improving, keep persevering. To keep moving forward to stay alive. To feel alive. Go backward and it’s over. 

Let’s never lose sight of our goals. Like a shark uses all of its sense to locate food, let’s focus everything on achieving them. We have to be able to taste the success. Like blood in the water. We have to be able to taste our next training session. Our next PR. Our next sale. Our next success. No matter how small it may be. 

It can start as a feeling. With the right motivation, it becomes an instinct. A habit. Make that forward movement be your oxygen. Think hard about it every day. Let’s remind ourselves why it’s important. Whether we’re doing it for ourselves or to motivate and inspire others. Let's get with our coaches for one-one-one training sessions to identify weaknesses. Let's finally dial in the right nutrition. Let's do an extra track workout, a new drill in the pool. Always learning, always moving forward is critical to our journey.

And don’t pay attention to the lampreys (aka haters), hanging on and trying to suck the life out of you. Let's keep moving forward. It doesn’t have to be at top speed. We can move slow. Evaluating. Learning. Progressing. Even the proper sleep and recovery is movement in the right direction.

Age? Age doesn’t matter. No excuses! No matter how old you are. Don’t let yourself get stuck. Don’t let yourself stop. And never under any circumstances go backwards. There are so many opportunities. There are so many tools. There’s access to information. There’s access to experts that have done it before. You just have to keep moving forward while you can, because you never know.
shark open jaws

There’s a confidence that comes with being a shark too. Not too many living things get in a shark’s way, especially at feeding time. That mentality brings confidence. And with confidence comes freedom. The shark doesn’t care who or what is in its way. The shark knows that it can’t go backward. It’s not an option. And it shouldn’t be an option for us on the road to achieving our dreams or goals.

So, put your body in beast mode when you have to, but always keep moving forward. Always keep your mind in shark mode. Who’s with me?