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11 Reasons 1BandID Will Make You Forget Your ID Bracelet for the Last Time May 15 2015

I often get asked what is a 1BandID? Why is it different than an ID bracelet (you know the one I always forget at home)? Why is it better than an ID bracelet? Well, here's your chance to get to know 1BandID.

10 We always start at ten, right? 1BandID started with an idea

An idea for how to help simplify ID for runners, cyclists, triathletes, kids, hikers, people with medical conditions, and the list goes on. No more ID bracelets. Attach ID to your Garmin, Polar, Timex, Fitbit, or any watch, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, fitness tracker, shoe, bike helmet, essentiality whatever you use when you train. 


9 Nine letters in neoprene(e)

Ok there aren’t. But, give me a break. I often get asked if 1BandID is nylon, or what? No, it's neoprene, like a wetsuit. It doesn't absorb water. It doesn't skink like a nylon or leather bracelet. It’s made for anyone that knows, to quote Edgar Allen Poe, “The best things in life make you sweaty."


8 1BandID is available in eight colors

Eight bright, standout, high visibility, colors (yellow, orange, pink, blue, black, red, green, and purple). Match your racing kit. Match your mood. Wear one for every day of the week (as recognized by the Beatles, anyway).


7 Seven days (in a real week) that you will want to train with your 1BandID

Because it's crazy comfortable, light as a feather, and just plain looks good. It might just be the most simple and useful fashion accessory for athletes out there.


6 1BandID’s tag holds six lines of up to 25 characters

That's enough space for the most important info to be displayed for first responders (emergency contacts, medical or environmental allergies, medical conditions, DOB, past injuries, etc.). If you don’t have any medical conditions, there’s enough space on the ID tag for a mantra, inspirational quote, or whatever motivation keeps you confident and keeps you moving forward in your training or on race or competition day. 


5 Five places to wear 1BandID

Watch, GPS, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker band, running shoe


4 Four more places to wear 1BandID

Bike helmet, bike shoe, backpack, weightlifting shoe, dog collar, kids shoe. The point is 1BandID is very versatile. Unlike an ID bracelet, which only attaches to your wrist or having to buy a different shoe ID, bike ID, ID tag for your backpack, etc., 1BandID’s patented velcro closure can attach to just about anywhere and go along for the ride wherever your training and racing takes you.

3 Three sizes

Standard, large, and X-Large. Watch, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, and activity tracker bands come in different sizes, and there’s a 1BandID to fit all of them.

2 It takes two to make a thing go right! It takes two to make it out of sight!

I hope that song earwigs its way into your brain for a few hours. Love me some Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock! RIP Easy Rock.

1 One, as in 1BandID, obvs!!

All you need is 1BandID. It’s simple. It’s more unforgettable. It's all you need. Don’t wear anything else on your wrist.

0 Zero extra ID bracelets

Nothing extra to forget when you’re heading out the door to train or race. Nothing extra to take off at airport security (how's that for simple). Ok, we went to 11 on this one.