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#whatareyouattachedto December 15 2017 1 Comment

I spend a lot of time thinking about 1BandID's purpose. To me, it’s the idea of being attached.

Think about the things you can’t live without every day. You would say that you are attached to them, wouldn’t you? Chances are, if you are reading this you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re attached to something. Many things. Not necessarily material things (I’m open to arguments about bikes here, ha!). You may not have thought about it that way. But, if you’re a driven person? A caring parent or friend? An athlete? An entrepreneur? Think about the things that you absolutely cannot be without? The people closest to you. Running. Your bike (like I said, this attachment is real). Competing. Making yourself better. Crossing the finish line. Getting to the starting line. Hitting a PR. Achieving those goals you once thought were impossible.

These things become a part of us and we really become a part of them. They become so important that we become attached to them. So much to the point where we can’t imagine being without them. Could you imagine being without your family, friends, or training buddies. No way! You are attached to them. Could you imagine being without running? Without training in general? That driven mindset? Probably not! You’re attached to them.

It gets to the point where we don’t even know these things are there. We may not always recognize it. We don’t take them for granted. But they become a habit. They live in our subconscious. They become something that if we don’t get to experience it on a given day day, then that day feels a little empty.

You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to constant remind yourself about it. It’s a part of you. You’re a part of it. It’s a feeling really. It’s part of your DNA. You just do it. You just can’t live without it.

My family and friends and being there for them are most important. Seeing what my body can do while I’m competing, creating, running, riding, racing, throwing weight around. Those things are at the top of my list.

Then there’s this attachment I have to helping and motivating athletes, kids, busy parents with a lot on our minds, and people with allergies or medical conditions. As I build 1BandID that list seems to grow. You’re all expanding that list for me. Thank you!

I’ve become attached to helping people through 1BandID. It’s become a part of me. I’m head to toe, 100% attached to doing my part with 1BandID to help keep all of you a little safer and motivated while you’re doing what you love. What you’re attached to.

That’s why the notion of simply attaching 1BandID to something everybody wears just about every day makes so much sense to me. You don’t have to think about it being there. You don’t have to worry about whether not it’s going to be there. It’s going to be there because it’s attached to what you wear every day when you do what you love.

Now when I say I want 1BandID to be attached to your watch, GPS, or fitness tracker, that’s a simple physical thing. What I really mean, is that I want it to be attached to your adventures, to your training, to your races. Every day. Every step. Every lap. So that it can give be there to give you some peace of mind, some confidence, some insurance that if something does happens, you’ll have the right information with you so that first responders can help you notify the people closest to you.

Do what you love. Chase it. Stay attached to it. Do everything in your power to get better.

Go on. I’ll make it simple to have the right information and motivation on the journey. I promise to deliver a product that comfortably and securely attaches to any watch/GPS/heart rate monitor/fitness tracker. That adds some safety, peace of mind, and the most important information at a first responder's fingertips. That gives a splash of color and your words of encouragement

So, what are you attached to? Feel free to use the #whatareyouattachedto hashtag so I can follow your adventures. Who knows, there might be a free 1BandID, t-shirt, or hat in it for you.


Reset Button April 20 2015

(Originally posted Dec. 2014)

Let’s face it; we all have a ton on our minds. I’m a dad, husband, entrepreneur, employee, athlete, etc. It’s a lot to manage in 7/24. I could certainly use an extra catch-up day. Keeping all of the gears moving means the various engines that drive me toward my goals need maintenance every now and then. 

Just the other day, we were on a family hike with some friends. Having been traveling all week, one of our friends said that a hike like this is a great reset button. It seemed right. Out there in the woods, you’re isolated from the noise of the outside world. It was a great reset button for the mind - like meditation with a little movement.
It got me thinking about some other reset buttons. As an athlete, isn’t it great to dial up a no-stress, confidence-building training session that you know you can crush - a long easy ‘naked’ run or ride or an all-out lace ‘em up and let ‘er rip track session, a WOD with movements and weights you know you can move well and probably PR.
As an entrepreneur, maybe it’s a soul-baring blog post, cutting out early with your team to get to know each other beyond the org chart, or looking back to early product versions or prototype sketches to get back to basics on why you got started doing what you’re doing.
Most importantly, get rid of all the noise around the family. Go for that hike away from it all. Take your significant other out to a quiet dinner (and don’t talk about the to do list). Do whatever your three year old wants to do. Seeing what’s important to your kid, what makes him or her laugh along with some intense pretending that only a child can dream up will do wonders for you and put everything in perspective. It does for me.
These reset buttons help build confidence, recharge your momentum and help you get back to what’s important. I feel like I’m hitting a reset button with 1BandID. A part of it is putting thoughts down on this blog. A bigger part of it is just remembering that I started 1BandID to help simplify ID (and hopefully provide a little confidence and motivation) for busy athletes who have a ton on their mind on a training or race day. That’s the core. That’s what I want to remember and share every day.
What’s your reset button? Tell me on Twitter: @1BandID or Facebook: facebook.com/1BandID