1BandID for Polar GPS Watch, Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker Bands

You know 1BandID as the company that's been saving your wrist from extra tan lines and unnecessary bracelet clutter. So adding ID, safety, motivation, and a splash of color to your favorite Polar GPS watch, heart rate monitor, or fitness tracker band has never been more simple.

1BandID's patented velcro closure securely attaches to your Polar's band, so it will never interfere with the GPS or fitness tracking performance or accuracy. And the super thin, nylon-coated neoprene band ensures water- and sweat-proof comfort without the bulk (or stink).

What size 1BandID fits my Polar?

Polar Loop, FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7, FT60, A300, RS300X, RCX3, RC3 GPS, RCX5 - choose the Standard size 1BandID

Polar M400, V800 - choose the Large size 1BandID

1BandID is a perfect match to go along with your Polar on all of your swims, bikes, and runs. You supply the Polar, 1BandID will take care of the ID, safety, and motivation.