If there were ever a sports religion, it would be cycling. How many of you cyclists out there say it’s like meditation? Therapy on two wheels. Are your bikes (you have more than one, right?) like members of your family? Do you have your bike in your will (ok, maybe THAT is going too far, but maybe not)?   

Whether you're riding to train for a triathlon, a century, gran fondo, or riding for fun or commuting to work, you're forced to share the road with cars, trucks, buses, texting drivers, squirrels, dogs, rocks, sand, etc. Any one of these hazards can bring an enjoyable ride to a crashing halt. You need something simple for every ride.

With 1BandID, ride after ride, don’t worry about remembering a separate identification bracelet. Once you attach your 1BandID to your watch, GPS, or heart rate monitor, it’s always there. It’s the attachment that you won’t have to stop and turn your bike around to get, or worse ride without because you forgot and decided to take a chance on hitting the road without the right information and motivation.

It’s simple - Put it on. Leave it on. It’s as simple as that to ride with ID every time your training plan dictates.

It’s comfortable - Like a newly tuned bike with just the right fit, the 1BandID is so comfortable that you won’t even know it’s there. No rubbing. No chafing. And that’s part of the point. When you’re out on the bike, the last thing you want is some uncomfortable accessory distracting your focus.

It’s unforgettable - Again, put it on your watch, GPS, or heart rate monitor. Leave it on. Our goal is to make a cyclist ID that’s more unforgettable. 

It’s versatile - Ride naked? Well, stop it. There could be children out there. Ok, naked as in no time, no distance. We’re still with you. I designed 1BandID to attach to lots of stuff. It can easily be a bike shoe ID, an aero helmet ID, a sports bra strap ID, a hydration belt ID, a heart rate monitor strap ID. With the patented velcro closure, the list goes on and on. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere to attach it.