1BandID’s customers know it’s important to be safe on the roads or trails, in the gym or in the water. These are some of your stories.

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“As soon as I heard of 1BandID I was on board. No need to worry about having my ID on me or deal with a separate ID bracelet when I go out to train and it just goes right on my watch band? It's a no brainer! The minute it arrived it went right on my Polar Heart Rate Monitor and I've yet to take it off. So not only do I have the peace of mind that my safety information is right there on my wrist when I train but whenever I clock a lap or check my distance, my mantra, which is right there in plain sight, is staring back at me, reminding me to push myself.  I also love the fact that it's Made in the USA!”  -Dutch. Massachusetts, USA


"As a career firefighter/EMT, as well as an avid endurance athlete, I recommend EVERYONE purchase a 1BandID. ALL of the athletes in my family have one.  You would much rather have it and never utilize it, than not have one and need it!" -Caldwell. Virginia, USA 


I have been a loyal 1BandID user since 2011. It's ingenious. As a triathlete, I NEVER forget my Garmin. I may forget to put on sunscreen, wear a hat or add that extra gel to my fuel belt, but I always have my Garmin on when I swim, bike or run. The fact that I don't have to remember to also add an identification tag is brilliant. I feel safe, knowing that if God forbid something happens to me, my information is readily accessible--my name, date of birth, allergies, and phone numbers for my husband and best friend. And the fact that there is no extra band to put on means one less tan line. I have, over the years, ordered a new tag when phone numbers changed, and a new band when I upgraded to a larger Garmin. I will never workout without the 1BandID on me. Thank you for a potentially life-saving product that is so easy to use. -Becca. California, USA


"As an ER doctor, I know the importance of having medical information and contacts for my patients - these have saved lives. As an endurance athlete, I know what it's like to train outdoors. As a father, I need to be safe for my family. That's why I never train without my 1BandID." -Bryan. Massachusetts, USA


“When I first got my 1BandID, I wasn't sure about the bulk. Then I put it on. It's so comfortable that I forgot it was on my watch at all. It's been on there ever since.” -Jordan. Massachusetts, USA


"When I had a medical emergency at a race last year, my 1BandID helped the 1st responders get in touch with my wife." -Eric. Massachusetts, USA


"It took the fact that I have been without my 1BandID for a week to realize how much piece of mind it gives me. I ordered a replacement “Julia Purple” band! I am someone who is allergic to almost all antibiotics. My 1BandID says my allergies. Without it, I realize I am without an all the time notification of the allergy. I always worry if anything were to happen and there was no one there to speak on behalf of my allergy the medical professionals would have no idea. It is nice to have the 1BandID on my watch all the time as a notification. I see it as the fact that I have that on I don’t have to wear a medical alert bracelet! Thank you for making a product that gives me the piece of mind all the time, not just while I am training!" -Julia. Massachusetts, USA 


“I know it's important to be safe when I train but sometimes when I have a limited time to get my training done I just want to be able to get out when I'm ready. My 1BandID is attached to my Garmin, so I just put that on like I do for every run and I'm ready to go.” -Jacqueline. Illinois, USA


"Thank you!!!  I do love my 1BandID.  I run on trails alone every time and I now feel better knowing I'll be returned properly to my owner if something happens (ha ha - bad joke, I know).  As soon as I got mine I knew I need to get my girlfriends their own.  I love them that much.  We all have allergies to medications and I'm glad we can fit that info on our band.  Thank you for this product." -Angge. California, USA