Running Runners Always Run and You Need the Right ID | 1BandID


At least that's what my three-year old says. Even he knows runners are a different breed. Nothing stops you. Runners run in or on anything. Kind of like the USPS, neither rain, nor sleet nor dead of night will stop you from getting in your miles.

Here’s the thing, I created 1BandID on a run, so it’s a true runner ID. Like so many times before I was just trying to get out the door for my run and by the time I realized I forgot my Road ID bracelet, there was no going back. But, there on my wrist was my Garmin GPS logging my training miles and my heart rate monitor keeping my pace in check, just like always.

Run after run, don’t worry about remembering a separate identification bracelet. Once you attach your 1BandID to your watch, GPS or heart rate monitor, or fitness tracker you wear every day, it’s always there. It’s the running ID that you won’t have to stop your run to get, or worse run without because you forgot and decided to take a chance on hitting the road without the right ID

It's simple - Put it on. Leave it on. It’s as simple as that to run with ID every time your 5k, 10k, half or full marathon, or (gulp!) ultramarathon training plan dictates.

It’s comfortable - Like a pair of running shoes with 100 miles on them, the 1BandID is so comfortable that you won’t even know it’s there. No rubbing. No chafing. No unnecessary tan lines. And that’s part of the point. When you’re out on a run, the last thing you want is some uncomfortable accessory distracting your focus. You won't know it's there, until you need it most.

It’s unforgettable - Again, put it on your watch, GPS, or heart rate monitor. Leave it on. Our goal is to make a running ID that’s virtually unforgettable. 

It’s versatile - Run naked? Well, stop it. There could be children out there. Ok, naked as in no time, no distance. We’re still with you. I designed 1BandID to attach to lots of stuff. It can easily be a shoe ID, a sports bra strap ID, a hydration belt ID, a heart rate monitor strap ID. With the patented velcro closure, the list goes on and on. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere to attach it. Now get out there and run.