The 1BandID Story

I created 1BandID because I’m probably just like you. I have a family and people that I care about when they go out for a run or ride and they care about me when I’m on the road, in the water or on the trails. With 1BandID I wanted to make training with the right information and motivation as simple as possible to make sure everyone's emergency information is unforgettable and with them at all times so that if something does happen, medical information could be shared and the people closest to you could be contacted immediately.

We’ve all done it. In the past, if I remembered, I’ve tucked my driver’s license into a pocket before heading out the door. Even worse, I’ve said I’ll be fine; I’ll just stay close to home. I laced up my shoes and off I went.

I’ve owned bracelets in the past. They served their purpose. But in the end, it was just one more thing to find and put on before heading out the door before getting distracted or my motivation slipped away. 1BandID is so light and comfortable, I always have one on my watch and one on my GPS / heart rate monitor and I never forget one of those. Do you?

With my 1BandID I can confidently train because I know that if something happens it will be there to provide first responders with important information and enable them to contact my family even if I can’t. And, just as important, my family can support my training efforts because they can feel safe, secure and comfortable that I’m wearing my 1BandID.

Thank you for visiting. Train hard, have fun and be careful out there.


Why Wear 1BandID


  • With 1BandID you can confidently train because you can rest assured that if something happens it will be there to provide first responders with important information and enable them to contact someone close to you even if you can’t. And, just as important, your team can support you and your training efforts because they can feel safe, secure and comfortable that they will be contacted immediately if anything happens.

It’s Simple

  • 1BandID goes on and stays on your watch, GPS or heart rate monitor so you can keep the motivation high instead of having to look for one more thing to put on before heading out the door, into the water, or wherever your training path takes you. Why wear anything else…on your wrist.

Peace of Mind

  • 1BandID gives first responders critical information if you’re unconscious or unable to speak and cannot communicate. Unlike a locked phone, a tucked away drivers license or code that requires logging into a database somewhere, 1BandID’s crystal clear laser-engraved information is right there and easy to read.

Don’t wear anything else, because 1BandID won’t…

  • Slide up and down your arm when you’re running, biking or swimming.
  • Let motivation slip away while you’re looking for one more thing to put on before heading out the door. 1BandID is stylish and it’s small, light and comfortable enough to leave on your watch, GPS or HR monitor band all the time.
  • Be one more thing to have to take off at the airport security checkpoint (how’s that for convenient)


Frequently Asked Questions about 1BandID

Who is 1BandID?

  • We are passionate about triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and all outdoor activities as well as safety for triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, hikers, sailors, scuba divers – really all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. We want to give you the confidence to train because you know your family and friends can support you because they know if something happens they will be contacted.
  • We also know people are busy and we want to help eliminate distractions and barriers to training, such as forgetting the right emergency information and causing extra worry for your family. We want to help enable you to train confidentially and let your family support your training because they know if something happens, they’ll be the first to know.
  • 1BandID is a small American business, founded in 2010, outside of Boston, Massachusetts – not far from the routes of one of the world’s most famous marathons and country’s largest charity bike ride.

What is 1BandID?

  • Proudly conceived, designed and made in the USA, 1BandID is the first  to securely attach and display identification and medical information on your watch, GPS or HR monitor band, so you don’t have to wear anything else. 1BandID is so lightweight, you can put it on and leave it on, eliminating the chance to leave home without it while keeping you focused on getting out to train as quickly and with as few distractions as possible.

How do you put it on?

  • The 1BandID Hug  is available in sizes that will fit around any watch, GPS or HR monitor band and just slides onto the band. Put it on. Leave it on. Make your most important information and motivation unforgettable.

What should you put on it?

  • We can laser engrave just about anything up to 6 lines with about 25 characters per line on the stainless steel tag. If you want, we have some recommendations based on research that shows what unconscious and victims of shock respond to and what information helps first responders give the best possible care.
  • Some ideas are name, where you’re from, who to contact in case of an emergency, any critical medical allergies or conditions, and if there's room a mantra, phrase or something that motivates you

Are they guaranteed?

  • The stainless steel tag is nearly indestructible and the laser engraving is permanent. If it breaks or the engraving wears off under normal use, we will be happy to replace it.

Why is 1BandID different?

  • 1BandID helps simplify safety by making your most important information and motivation more unforgettable. 1BandID is the first wearable for triathletes, runners, cyclists and all active people that securely attaches and displays critical information directly on the one thing you probably never leave home without, your watch, GPS or heart rate monitor. Just put it on the band and leave it there. It’s the smallest, lightest attachment for your wrist available today.

What if there’s a mistake?

  • If by some slim chance we made a mistake let us know right away and we’ll fix it immediately


Privacy Policy

1BandID respects your privacy. Therefore we will never share or sell your personal information with any third parties. Any information collected through this site is intended to be used for this transaction only. Your personal information is secured via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.