Whether you're a triathlete, runner, cyclist, jogger, hiker, scuba diver or any kind of fitness or outdoor enthusiast, making sure you have the right information and motivation with you at all times must be a critical part of your training plan.

Meet 1BandID your watch, GPS or Heart Rate Monitor's new best friend. A best friend that can help save your life as well as alert family members and loved ones in case anything should ever happen and you were unable to speak for yourself.

Have a goal to finish your first 5K, your 50th marathon or the Ironman, carrying the right information and motivation must be part of your training plan. 1BandID makes is easier than ever to have emergency contacts and medical information, and even motivation with you for every run, ride, swim, hike or whatever you love to do.

What Makes 1BandID Different

  • It attaches to your watch, GPS or Heart Rate Monitor band, the one thing triathletes, runners and most cyclists wear most often. It simplifies safety and helps make the right information more unforgettable.
  • Design that minimizes bulk and weight. It's so light and comfortable you won't even know it's there until you need it the most. So while you're checking your heart rate, distance or time, or clocking another lap at the track, 1BandID has your back. 
  • Rubber instead of nylon so it doesn't absorb water. It's built to withstand countless hours in the pool or any weather mother nature throws at you on the road or trail.
  • Nearly indestructible stainless steel tag holds up to 6 lines of crystal clear contact and medical information. Because seconds count in an emergency, the most important information is plainly visible on the front of the tag.
  • Available in lots of colors so you can accessorize your race kit, show off your mood or just pick your favorite.
  • Made in the USA and proudly shared around the world.

 Who wears 1BandID...

  • Professional and age group triathletes
  • Beginning runners to ultramarathoners
  • Cyclists
  • Fathers
  • Mothers
  • Sisters
  • Brothers
  • Sons
  • Daughters
  • Any athlete concerned about their safety and their family's peace of mind when they're on the road trail, or in the water, and even at the gym

    1BandID is Versatile

    While it is designed to fit most bands, the standard size 1BandID also easily attaches to a running or bike shoe. It's also an easy way to attach contact information and allergy awareness to your children for amusement parks and field trips.