Wear 1BandID on Every Bike Ride

Attach 1BandID to your watch, GPS or HR monitor every time you put your butt on the saddle and wheels on the road. It's your training device's new best friend so you keep ID simple and more unforgettable.

Choose your favorite color, size, and personalize it with your emergency contact or medical information, or motivation.

  • Crazy comfortable, durable, waterproof neoprene - won't absorb water or sweat (i.e. won't stink)
  • Super thin and trim - wraps tight so to your device so won't get in your way
  • One less thing to remember before you ride (and one less tan line)
  • Choose from 3 sizes to fit any size band
  • Available in 8 colors to match your bike, any training gear or race day kit
  • Up to 6 lines of crystal-clear text for your emergency contacts, any allergies/medical conditions, or your motivational mantra