What Makes 1BandID Different and How to Attach it

  • It attaches to your watch, GPS or Heart Rate Monitor band, the one thing triathletes, runners and most cyclists wear most often. It simplifies safety and helps make ID unforgettable.
  • Patented design that minimizes bulk and weight. It's an identification tag that is so light and comfortable you won't even know it's there until you need it the most. So while you're checking your heart rate, distance or time, or clocking another lap at the track, 1BandID has your back. 
  • Neoprene instead of nylon so it doesn't absorb water. It's ID that is built to withstand countless hours in the pool or any weather mother nature throws at you on the road or trail.
  • Nearly indestructible stainless steel tag holds up to 6 lines of crystal clear contact and medical information. Because seconds count  in an emergency, the most important information is plainly visible on the front of the tag.
  • Available in lots of colors so you can accessorize your race kit, show off your mood or just pick your favorite.
  • Made in the USA and proudly shared around the world.




Here's a simple visual demo of how to attach your 1BandID to a GPS watch band


Lay your 1BandID under your band.

Fold the fuzzy velcro over.

Close the velcro

Ta Da!

Wearer's view of Ta Da!


1BandID is Versatile

While it is designed to fit most bands, the standard size 1BandID also easily attaches to a running or bike shoe. It's also an easy way to attach ID to your children for amusement parks and field trips.